Chapter presentation

Nutrition and Dietetics science is a discipline as a result of the interaction of health sciences, technological sciences and social sciences.
Throughout history scientific researches clearly demonstrated the importance of both “NUTRITION” on sustainability of health and “DIETETIC” on the treatment of various diseases
In this respect, nutrition and dietetics department aims making scientific studies in various fields such as planing diet for improving human health and high life quality, assesment of nutritional status and nutrition habits, implementation of the recommendations for enhance a nutritional status, identifying nutrition plans and policies, determination of nutrient requirements of different age groups, arrangement and implementation of disease-specific diets, management and organization of mass catering system.
Department of Nutrition and Dietetics was established 2007 and taken its first students in 2011-2012. In our country because of inadequate dietetians, students graduated our department can find a job in a variety of public and private health organizations

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