General Information


General Information

Faculty of Health Sciences, formerly Faculty of Health Education which was founded in 1994, carries on its academic activities at two different Anatolian campuses of Marmara University. While departments of Health Management, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation and Nutrition & Dietetics are located in Kartal campus, departments of Nursing and Midwifery are located in Haydarpaşa campus.

The school enrolls nearly 1400 students. The academic staff consists of 10 professors, 10 associate professors, 26 assistant professors, 8 lecturers, and 27 research assistants in 2012-2013 academic years. In addition to bachelor degree in all of the departments, master’s and doctoral programs are given in the departments of Health Management, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, and Nursing.

The mission of the faculty is to produce graduates who are competent in academic and professional fields, skilled in providing services by using latest technology, capable of carrying out the best health care delivery to the community, and proficient to make contributions to establishment of health care policies in the light of universal and cultural values.

The faculty members bear responsibility for development of policies for community’s health and welfare, rendering services with education being a priority, getting positions which are respected, followed and referenced in the scientific platform, contributing to legal regulations related to health care so as to reach international contemporary level.

Language of instruction is Turkish in the Faculty and undergraduate programs are eight semesters long. Freshman students may attend English classes for a year depending upon a quota. All students who are successful in occupational practices and prerequisite courses complete the internship program at the last year.

Faculty of Health Sciences supports health services with its graduates and is considered to be an important resource by growing health sector in Turkey.

You can download faculty information brochure as a PDF [4.23MB].

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