Vision & Mission



  • To be an institution that trains individuals who are open to all stakeholders, innovative, creative, and socially responsive; acknowledge the importance of merit; embrace principles of cooperation, solidarity, and sharing; believe in future.
  • To be in a position that makes its area more effective in improving community health and well-being; produces educational priority service and policies; and is highly respected, followed and referenced in the international scientific platform.
  • To be an effective institution in improving professional knowledge of faculty members and students by international exchange programs.
  • To develop protective methods in areas threatening the community health.
  • To contribute to the development of legal regulations related to health, and ensure them to achieve an international modern level.


  • To train professionals, in the light of universal and cultural values, who respect to human rights; have skills for life-long learning, teaching and communication; competent with vocational and scientific areas; render services by using 21th century’s informatics.
  • To carry out multidisciplinary studies related to health.
  • To make post-graduate education and researches.
  • To present technology and services for the community benefit.
  • To contribute to developing legal regulations related to health services.

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